Our Company

Declaration of Principles


For the beginning of the first stage, it is planned to begin the production of Biodiesel from export-quality soybean oil supplied by one of the large oil companies installed in the Greater Rosario belt.


The importance of the region

  • It has an area of 582 km2.
  • It houses 1,230,000 inhabitants.
  • It concentrates 40% of the provincial population.
  • It generates 60% of Santa Fe’s gross product and 5% of the national one.
  • It concentrates 42.5% of the industrial establishments in the province.
  • It concentrates 53% of provincial employment.
  • It houses the main Argentine agro-export complex, through whose port terminals more than 70% of the country’s agro-industrial exports leave.
  • It sees around 2,000,000 trucks per year access its routes to unload at the ports of Gran Rosario.
  • It has a river front of 100 km on the Paraná River, with access to the sea with a guaranteed draft of 32 feet. It is connected by river to the north with the city of Santa Fe at 22 feet of guaranteed draft, and 10 feet from Santa Fe to the north. By having 3 interprovincial connections, the Rosario – Victoria Bridge, the Hernandarias Subfluvial Tunnel (Santa Fe – Paraná) and the Zárate Brazo Largo Bridge, it constitutes a center for cargo transfers in what is known as the Atlantic Pacific bioceanic corridor.