Wise Nature

as healthy and essential as the nectar
that drives our task

Our company

Rosario Bioenergy SA produces biological liquid fuels (biodiesel) out of  raw materials obtained from agricultural production and recycling of Used Vegetable Oils.

Our Plant

Rosario Bioenergy SA has a cutting-edge technological plant that was set up on a 4.5 hectare property located on route AO12 Km 47.5 in the Industrial Area of Roldán, Santa Fe, Argentina.

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Logistics and Marketing

Given that production in the first stage will be oriented exclusively to the domestic market and that the supply of raw materials and production inputs come from locations near our plant, Rosario Bio Energy SA has a contracted fleet of trucks exclusively for the transportation of these products in such a way as to guarantee their normal supply and production dispatch.

Rosario Bioenergy SA’s logistics is designed and programmed to make up for any deficiency in its own and third-party stock since it has supplies from different oil producing plants with a radius no greater than 50 km from its production plant, as well as different oil suppliers. inputs that guarantee the supply of both the port area and the Mediterranean areas when the port is congested.

A point to highlight is that by having a fixed fleet of trucks, it guarantees quality in transportation since it does not allow cross-contamination of the product with any previous load and low operating freight costs.


Every minute, humanity emits 48 thousand tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and we experience the consequences of this action every day.

Solving environmental problems or, better yet, preventing them, implies changes in our production and consumption model, taking charge of protecting various forms of life.

In this context, the development of biofuels constitutes an alternative to the use of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil.